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Lab Threads and Gear Works is a specialty machine shop that is able to respond promptly to all of your thread and gearing needs.



Our Thread Department can satisfy a large assortment of your needs. We are also able to manufacture special form threads, lead screws and matching nuts, spirals, acme screws, transport screws and trapezoidal screws. Our thread miller can do unlimited lengths of bars measuring 4" in diameter and smaller; 144" long for bars 6" in diameter or smaller. Our thread grinding capacity is from 6" diameter to 36 " long.


Our Gear Department is also very versatile. We are able to hob both spur and helical gears and worms from 1/4 " to 48" diameters and hold 68" long.

Spline cutting is also our forte on machines able to cut 7 3/8" face by 9" diameter on any length part thru a 15" machine hole.

Lab Threads and Gear Works can also broach and shape straight sided 6 tooth splines, and most involute splines.



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